plug-in meaning

  • n. [c], adj.

    1 (computers) software installed on a computer to give it extra capabilities; an add-on or add-in: You can buy the program separately as a plug-in.

    2 a machine that works by putting it into an electric socket/plug: a plug-in electric shaver

  • [Business]


    able to be connected using a plug:

    a plug-in kettle

    2 (IT )

    that can be added to a computer system so that it can do more things:

    a plug-in graphics card

    Some of the smaller notebooks use plug-in drives which saves power and makes them even more portable.

    plug-in noun [C] (IT ):

    a handheld with a dictionary plug-in

    downloading and installing plug-ins

  • [Electronics]

  • [Computer]
    <tool> A file containing data used to alter, enhance, or extend the operation of a parent application program. One of the first uses of this term was in Silicon Beach's SuperPaint application (late 1980s?) for the Macintosh. It had a Plug-ins folder containing different tools and effects.

    The Netscape Navigator World-Wide Web browser supports plug-ins which display or interpret a particular file format or protocol such as Shockwave, RealAudio, Adobe Systems, Inc. PDF, Corel CMX (vector graphics). The file to be displayed is included in a web page using an EMBED HTML tag.

    Plug-ins, both commercially and indepently authored, can usually be downloaded for free and are stored locally. Plug-ins come in different versions specific to particular operating systems (Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.2, and Macintosh are available).

    Compare applet.
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