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<company> (PCM) A manufacturer of equipment that some other manufacturer's system can identify and work with. The PCM's device replaces the original manufacturer's.

Most PCMs competed with IBM. PCM devices normally offer a cost-performance benefit over the original device. For example, several PCM versions of the Direct-Access Storage Device IBM 3350 offered twice the storage and improved data access (dual port).

Plug compatible devices include replacement CPUs, such as the Hitachi 7/90 series (which could be substituted for IBM 3090 series processors), I/O subsystems, and dumb terminals like the IBM 3270.


  1. Those vendors were nicknamed " plug compatible manufacturers " ( PCMs ).
  2. Expansion memory boards and peripherals were soon listed by the original manufacturer, and later by plug compatible manufacturers.
  3. This choice of terminology by IBM may have been a deliberate attempt to ignore the existence of those plug compatible manufacturers ( PCMs ), because they competed aggressively against IBM hardware dominance.
  4. Memorex in 1968 shipped the first HDD, the Memorex 630, plug compatible to an IBM model 2311 marking the beginning of independent competition ( Plug Compatible Manufacturers or PCMs ) for HDDs attached to IBM systems.

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