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  • plough into sth if a vehicle ploughs into something, it crashes into it with a lot of force because its driver cannot control it:
    A runaway truck had plowed into a gas station, causing a giant explosion.
    264 people died when the plane ploughed into a crowded market place in the capital, Kinshasa.
    SIMILAR TO: crash into


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  1. Filinvest is among several Philippine companies raising capital, often from foreign investors, to plough into expansion projects.
  2. As the tram drew forward, the conduit channel moved under the tram, carrying the plough into position.
  3. He hits Simon instead, and when he makes another run at Vera, he ploughs into a brick wall and the car explodes.
  4. "I heard some strange noises up the road, the next second I saw the coach plough into the ditch, " witness Kwai Kwong, 33, said.
  5. Kroxigors are devastating on the battlefield-unleashed as shock troops to break the back of an enemy battleline, they plough into enemy regiments with blood-curdling roars and massacre all before them.

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