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  • [Architecture]

    A system of framing for a building of wood construction several stories high, in which the studs are only one story high; the floor joists for each story rest on the top plates of the story below or on the soleplate of the first story; the bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor of each story, i.e., rest on the rough floor that serves as the base for the finish floor. Also called western framing. Compare with balloon framing.

    platform frame

  • [Building construction]
    A construction method in which each floor is framed independently by nailing the horizontal framing member to the top of the wall studs.


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  1. wood platform frame construction
  2. Its construction is of timber platform frame improved cost effectiveness and used renewable materials.
  3. The French Renault 4 of which over eight million were made, also used a platform frame.
  4. At the turn of the 20th century platform framing became the most widely used method of residential construction.
  5. Historically, balloon framing was used until the 1950s when fire safety concerns made platform framing inherently better.

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