plaint meaning

Pronunciation:   "plaint" in a sentence
Noun: plaint  pleynt
  1. [Brit] A written statement of the grounds of complaint made to court of law asking for the grievance to be redressed 
  2. A cry of sorrow and grief
    - lament, lamentation, wail

Derived forms: plaints

Type of: allegation, complaint

n. Formerly, a statement in writing of a cause of action, used to initiate actions in the county courts. Under the Civil Procedure Rules, it has been replaced by the claim form.


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  1. he had heard such plaints before.
  2. to him i will bring my plaint.
  3. i'm sick and tired of your plaints; be quiet
  4. a plaint in vying for the post of the chief of shindrak qianhu
  5. the chorus resumed their plaint, calling on vulcan, the god of the cuckolds

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