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  "pit against" in a sentence
pit sb/sth against sb/sth to make someone or something fight or compete against another person or thing, in order to see which one will win:
In the finals Clark and Taylor were pitted against two other top players.
The war pitted Serbia against Croatia and Bosnia.
The girls plan to pit their talents against the boys' in the end-of-term competition.

[American idiom]
someone or something to set someone or something in opposition to someone or something.
The rules of the tournament pit their team against ours.
John pitted Mary against Sally in the tennis match.
In an interesting plowing match, Bill pitted himself against a small tractor.

[American slang]
v. To match against; oppose to; put in opposition to; place in competition or rivalry with. The game pits two of the best pro football teams in the East against each other. He pitted his endurance against the other man's speed. He was pitted against an opponent just as smart as he was.


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  1. Pit against them, financial analysts say the little guy stands little chance.
  2. Players were even downloading a skin of President Bush to pit against bin Laden.
  3. The game allows players to build outlandish medieval siege engines to pit against castles or armies.
  4. Scarlett, whom Mitchell pits against the war, " prostitutes " herself to pay the taxes on Tara.
  5. Chloe is picked to fight in the pit against El Diablo, a fierce Argentinean-Bolivian Doberman Pinscher.

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