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[Engineering acoustics]
"A small chamber equipped with a reciprocating piston having a measurable displacement and used to establish a known sound pressure in the chamber, as for testing microphones."


  1. Dosimeter manufacturers recommend that the instrument be calibrated with an acoustical calibrator such as a pistonphone before and after each measurement to verify reliable operation.
  2. AC electrical current could produce pressure variations in the " thermaphone . " Certain types of microphones were thus calibrated with the pistonphone and used as lab standards.
  3. :See Microphone in the section " Measurement microphones . " 2oth century methods included the pistonphone, which mechanically moved a piston a known distance in a known space to create known pressure variations up to 250 Hz.
  4. Since their output is also dependent on the volume of the chamber ( coupling volume ), differences in shape and load volume between different models of microphone will have an influence on the resulting SPL, requiring the pistonphone to be calibrated accordingly.

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