piggery meaning

Pronunciation:   "piggery" in a sentence
  • Noun: piggery  piguree
    1. A farm where pigs are raised or kept
      - pig farm

    Derived forms: piggeries

    Type of: farm

    Encyclopedia: Piggery


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  1. study on environmental control of a large-scale piggery
  2. treatment of piggery wastewater using a2 o-biological contact oxidation processes coagulating precipitation technology
  3. the composition of a floating phytoremediation system and the effects of its purification for piggery wastewater
  4. floating phytoremediation system by planting canna generalis for dual purposes of purification of piggery wastewater and nursery
  5. the problem of serious environmental pollution in piggery is systematically analyzed, including wastewater etc . some effective and feasible measures are put forward

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