pigboat meaning

Pronunciation:   "pigboat" in a sentence
Noun: pigboat  'pig`bowt
  1. A submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes
    - submarine, sub, U-boat

Derived forms: pigboats

Type of: submersible, submersible warship


  1. The old pigboat had been scrapped years before but was still alive in the minds of those who served on it.
  2. There we were, all us Mighty Mary fans with our keels in an uproar over the sudden-death playoff against pigboat pilot Conner . . . and they changed the rules.
  3. His resulting book was published in 1949 by the U . S . Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland . " It is a truncated version of the Operational History ( sometimes reproduced word for word ) . . . the Operational History in more manageable form . " The work was further condensed in paperback by Bantam Books as " Pigboats ".

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