photoelectric alarm meaning

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  • [Electronics]
    An alarm actuated when a light beam impinging on a photocell is interrupted.


  1. The combination ionization-photoelectric alarms failed to activate until an average of over 20 minutes after the stand-alone photoelectric smoke alarms.
  2. Although photoelectric alarms are highly effective at detecting smoldering fires and do provide adequate protection from flaming fires, fire safety experts and the National Fire Protection Agency recommend installing what are called combination alarms, which are alarms that either detect both heat and smoke, or use both the ionization and photoelectric processes.
  3. Studies by Texas A & M and the NFPA cited by the City of Palo Alto California state, " Photoelectric alarms react slower to rapidly growing fires than ionization alarms, but laboratory and field tests have shown that photoelectric smoke alarms provide adequate warning for all types of fires and have been shown to be far less likely to be deactivated by occupants ."

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