photodamage meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    n : damage (as to skin cells) caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation — pho·to·dam·aged adj


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  1. In addition to that, the laser may cause photodamage and sample heating.
  2. Each photosynthetic organism has a specific level of sensitivity to photodamage of compounds needed for survival, such as proteins.
  3. Photoinduction takes place with a brief exposure to light ( wavelength is tetrazole-dependent ) to minimize photodamage to cells.
  4. Knockouts for Rubisco and photosystem II complexes, which would experience more photodamage than normal, exhibit an upregulation of plastid terminal oxidase.
  5. Carotenoids serve two key roles in plants and algae : they absorb light energy for use in photosynthesis, and they protect chlorophyll from photodamage.

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