phonic meaning

Pronunciation:   "phonic" in a sentence
Adjective: phonic  fónik
  1. Pertaining to the phonic method of teaching reading 
  2. Relating to speech 
  3. Of or relating to speech sounds
    - phonetic

See also: phone, phonics, speech

Encyclopedia: Phonic

1 : of, relating to, or producing sound
a : of or relating to the sounds of speech
b : of or relating to phonics — pho·ni·cal·ly adv


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  1. phonic knowledge operates quite similarly
  2. phonics does not allow students to verify the correct pronunciation
  3. phonic differences between jiangxi's wucheng dialect and nanchang dialect
  4. english alphabet and phonics
  5. i am confident in teaching pronunciation ( phonics ), grammar and conversation

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