phone tapping meaning

  "phone tapping" in a sentence
  • n. [u adj.]

    secretly listening to, or recording, a telephone conversation: Phone tapping is usually illegal.The judge approved a phone-tapping requestThey collected evidence by phone tapping (i.e. tapping his phone).


    listening in to other people's telephone conversations by connecting to their telephone or by attaching a small microphone to it: Telephone tapping is illegal.

    =>tap v. (5), tap n. (4)


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  1. Phone tapping has been government practice in Malaysia for decades.
  2. The two men have since accused the government of illegal phone tapping.
  3. A special team is set up who are involved in phone tapping.
  4. The laws also allow phone tappings to be admitted as evidence in court.
  5. Greenpeace activists have also been targets of phone tapping, death threats, violence

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