personalize meaning

[ 'pə:sənəlaiz ] Pronunciation:   "personalize" in a sentence
Verb: personalize  'pursunu`lIz
  1. Make personal or more personal
    "personalized service"
    - personalise [Brit], individualize, individualise [Brit]

Derived forms: personalizing, personalizes, personalized

Type of: alter, change, modify

Antonym: depersonalize

Encyclopedia: Personalize

AmE / verb [+ obj]

1 (usually be personalized)

to design or change sth so that it is suitable for the needs of a particular person:

The machines are personalized to meet our customers' needs.

a highly personalized service


to mark or change sth in some way to show that it belongs to a particular person:

By choosing your own ringtone, you can personalize your phone.

personalization , -isation /; AmE / noun [U]:

Website personalization means that the site caters to different users in different ways.


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  1. you can personalize these forms and record them
  2. research of technologies on personalized information service
  3. personalize your user interface with your choice of skins
  4. includes 4 personalized figure magnets with stands
  5. application for personalized vehicle registration mark

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