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Cognitive disorders characterized by an impaired ability to perceive the nature of objects or concepts through use of the sense organs. These include spatial neglect syndromes,where an individual does not attend to visual,auditory,or sensory stimuli presented from one side of the body.


  1. Symptoms of closed injury head trauma tend to be the experience of intellectual deficits in perceptual disorders.
  2. This led to a wide social awakening to visual perceptual disorders in people on the autistic spectrum.
  3. Cognitive deficits resulting from stroke include perceptual disorders, aphasia, dementia, and problems with attention and memory.
  4. The book relates Williams'diagnosis with scotopic sensitivity syndrome, and her experience with tinted lenses on her visual perceptual disorders including visual fragmentation, context blindness, face blindness, and loss of depth perception.
  5. This justified shift in perspective is the rational equivalent of the psychological perceptual disorder known as " foreshortened future, " in which an individual, usually a young and physically healthy individual, unreasonably believes ( either consciously or unconsciously ) that his / her time horizons are more limited than they actually are, with the effect that the individual undervalues long-term goals and long-run pleasure and instead disproportionately pursues short-term goals and pleasure, thereby diverting resources from investment for the future and often even actively reducing his / her long-term prospects.

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