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    Per procurationem (Latin) (see under per2)

  • [Economics]
    = per proc, p.p.

    Abbreviations for per procurationem (Latin: by procuration): denoting an act by an agent, acting on the authority of a principal. The abbreviation is often used when signing letters on behalf of a firm or someone else, if formally authorized to do so. The firm or person giving the authority accepts responsibility for documents so signed.


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  1. In addition, �400 per Pro Tour event was reserved for a nine-dart finish.
  2. A further �400 per Pro Tour event ( �800 per European Tour event ) was reserved for a nine-dart finish.
  3. Williams, who charges $ 10 per pro to play in Sonoran events, agrees that Arizona's potential is being undersold.
  4. Roma would find himself in WCW management's doghouse for complaining about having to job to Alex Wright, per Pro Wrestling Torch.
  5. Living in the spotlight of the most popular event of the rodeo, the bull riders have to pay entrance fees ranging from $ 250 to $ 500 per pro event.

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