pelagic bird meaning

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Noun: pelagic bird
  1. Bird of the open seas
    - oceanic bird

Derived forms: pelagic birds

Type of: sea bird, seabird, seafowl

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  1. Pelagic birds feed on planktonic crustaceans, squid and forage fish.
  2. This is one form of pelagic birding, by which pelagic bird species are viewed.
  3. It's also a popular stop for pelagic birds like albatrosses, shearwaters and storm petrels.
  4. The Atlantic puffin and other pelagic birds are excellent bioindicators of the environment as they occupy a high trophic level.
  5. It fed probably on the eggs and the juveniles of several Saint Helena terrestrial and pelagic bird species and on snails.

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