pelagian meaning

Pronunciation:   "pelagian" in a sentence
Noun: Pelagian  pu'leyjeeun
  1. A follower of Pelagius, a British monk, born in the later part of the 4th century, who denied the doctrines of hereditary sin, of the connection between sin and death, and of conversion through grace

Derived forms: Pelagians

Encyclopedia: Pelagian


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  1. In Carthage in 411 he had opposed Caelestius, a Pelagian.
  2. Calvin was no antinomian and neither Arminius nor Wesley was a Pelagian.
  3. Valcamonica became the center of the " Pelagian " movement.
  4. The second appealed to Pope Innocent I for repression of the Pelagian heresy.
  5. Prosper also played a vital role in the Pelagian controversy in southern Gaul in the 420 s.

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