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1. peg out sthpeg sth out BrE to fasten clothes or sheets to a line outside, so that they dry:
Can you help me peg these sheets out?
SIMILAR TO: hang out
2. peg out sthpeg sth out to fasten something to the ground using small metal or wooden sticks:
Place the tent on the ground and peg out the four corners.
3. peg out BrE old-fashioned informal to die - used especially humorously:
It was so hot in there - I thought I was going to peg out in the heat.

[American slang]
Sl. to die.
  I was so scared, I thought I would peg out for sure.
  Uncle Herman almost pegged out last week.


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  1. at this height, a climber can peg out from lack of oxygen
  2. peg out the boundary
  3. The vice president has to take the pegs out of the tent, fold it, and go home.
  4. In a triple peel on the opponent, the objective is to peg out the opponent's ball.
  5. After the main group moved off east, the three men started to pick up the gold and peg out their lease.

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