pawky meaning

[ 'pɔ:ki ] Pronunciation:   "pawky" in a sentence
  • Adjective: pawky (pawkier,pawkiest)  pakee
    Usage: UK, dialect
    1. Cunning and sly
      "the pawky rich old lady who incessantly scores off her parasitical descendants"

    Derived forms: pawkier, pawkiest

    See also: artful


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  1. In his first Test at Lord's in 1956 he batted for over four hours in each innings, wearing down the England bowlers with pawky defence and unbreakable concentration.
  2. He was known to be tough in business dealings, although in private life he was a person whose " pawky humour . . . peppered his conversations, " according to one of his editors, Peter Haining.
  3. And yet, as Holmes acknowledges, Watson has unexpected depths about him; for example, he has a definite strain of " pawky humour ", as Holmes observes in " The Valley of Fear ".
  4. In his book, " Sixty Years of Golf ", Robert Harris wrote that " John's soft, whispering voice, his stoicism, his pawky jibs at easy rules and innovations, his relentless criticism of moderns with their fuss, and his total outlook on the game, were the very essence of golf ."
  5. The " Guardian's " obituary of Gilbert by H . R . F . Keating described the novel as : a classic of the genre . . . rich with everyday details of a law practice, both good and naughty, dancing too with pawky humour; at the same time it sets a puzzle to please the most exigent of readers.

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