pause meaning

[ pɔ:z ] Pronunciation:   "pause" in a sentence
Verb: pause  poz
  1. Interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing
    "The speaker paused"
    - hesitate 
  2. Cease an action temporarily
    "We pause for station identification"
    - intermit, break
Noun: pause  poz
  1. A time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
    - intermission, break, interruption, suspension 
  2. Temporary inactivity

Sounds like: paws, pores, pours

Derived forms: paused, pausing, pauses

Type of: break up, cut off, delay, disrupt, inactivity, interrupt, interval, time interval

Encyclopedia: Pause


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  1. when you 've read up to here, you should pause.
  2. this pause was convenient to us too.
  3. after a short pause, he went on his talking.
  4. here they paused for a long rest.
  5. she glanced at janey and paused.

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