pastern meaning

Pronunciation:   "pastern" in a sentence
Noun: pastern  pasturn
  1. The part between the fetlock and the hoof
    - fetter bone

Derived forms: pasterns

Type of: bone, os[2]

Part of: horse's foot

Encyclopedia: Pastern

1 : a part of the foot of an equine extending from the fetlock to the top of the hoof
2 : a part of the leg of an animal other than an equine that corresponds to the pastern


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  1. there should be very little bend of pastern
  2. are pasterns firm and almost perpendicular to the ground
  3. the pasterns are short and strong
  4. a small dainty foot or one down at the pastern are not functional
  5. pasterns show flexibility with a slight slope when viewed from the side

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