oxidant meaning

Pronunciation:   "oxidant" in a sentence
Noun: oxidant  óksidunt
  1. A substance that oxidizes another substance
    - oxidizer, oxidiser [Brit], oxidizing agent, oxidising agent [Brit]

Derived forms: oxidants

See also: oxidize

Type of: chemical agent

Encyclopedia: Oxidant

n : OXIDIZING AGENToxidant adj


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  1. the oxidants are the most annoying of all the air pollutants.
  2. oxidant refers to that group of compounds in the air highly oxidative.
  3. the term photochemical oxidants refers to the secondary pollutants formed in photochemical smog.
  4. photochemical oxidants have been associated with impaired athletic performance in healthy cross-country runners.
  5. other atmospheric pollutants such as oxidants and sulfur oxides may produce adverse cardiovascular effects, but the evidence is limited.

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