oxblood red meaning

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Noun: oxblood red
  1. A dark brownish-red colour
    - oxblood

Derived forms: oxblood reds

Type of: dark red

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  1. The palette included romantic hues of jewel-toned pinks, oxblood reds, and leafy greens.
  2. And you won't have to look far to find unusual shapes, great textures and striking colors ( McCoy says blue and oxblood red are the hues of the moment ).
  3. In an article for " Popular Ceramics ", Norris Leap wrote,  He produced glazes for art ware that possibly never could have been equaled by either moderns or ancients & One of them is an oxblood red used on large decorative bowls and vases.
  4. Coventry's " Estate Paintings " look like homages to Kasimir Malevich's suprematist paintings, however the simple, geometric shapes, typically rendered in black or dark oxblood reds, are in fact replicas of the maps showing the layout of buildings found outside British public housing estates.

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