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n : the heterocyclic compound C3H7NO; also : an anticonvulsant derivative (as trimethadione) of this compound


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  1. studies on synthesis and the spectral characteristics of oxazolidine derived form ephedrine
  2. "' Thiazolidine "'is a heterocyclic organic compound with a 5-membered analog of oxazolidine.
  3. The choice of linker between the two oxazolidine rings has a large impact on the performance when used to cure isocyanates.
  4. Cyclization of an azomethine ylide with a carbonyl affords a spirocyclic oxazolidine, which loses CO 2 to form a 7-membered ring.
  5. An "'oxazolidine "'is a five-membered ring compound consisting of three carbons, a nitrogen, and an oxygen.

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