oxazine meaning

Pronunciation:   "oxazine" in a sentence
  Any of several isomeric compounds having the formula C4H5NO, with the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms arranged in a ring
  ORIGIN: oxy-2, and azine

n : any of several parent compounds C4H5NO containing a ring composed of four carbon atoms, one oxygen atom, and one nitrogen atom


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  1. The structure of phenoxazine consists of an oxazine fused to two benzene rings.
  2. It is classified as an oxazine dye.
  3. A commercially available dihydro-1, 3-oxazine is a reagent in the Meyers synthesis for aldehydes.
  4. The starting compound is a dihydro-1, 3-oxazine with an alkyl group in the 2 position.
  5. By extension, the derivatives are also referred to as oxazines; examples include ifosfamide and morpholine ( tetrahydro-1, 4-oxazine ).

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