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A family of gram-negative bacteria in the class BETAPROTEOBACTERIA. There are at least eight genera.


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  1. Phylogenetic analysis has shown it to belong to the family Oxalobacteraceae.
  2. Oxalicibacterium " and family Oxalobacteraceae.
  3. Massilia " and the family Oxalobacteraceae which was isolated with " Massilia dura, Massilia plicata ", and " Massilia lutea " from soil samples in southeast China.
  4. ""'Undibacterium oligocarboniphilum " "'is a Gram-negative, oxidase positive, 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis has shown that it belongs to the family Oxalobacteraceae.
  5. ""'Collimonas arenae " "'is a bacterium of the genus " Collimonas " in the Oxalobacteraceae family which was isolated from seminatural grassland soils on Wadden Island near Terschelling.

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