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A class of ketodicarboxylic acids derived from oxalic acid. Oxaloacetic acid is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle and is converted to ASPARTIC ACID by a transamination reaction.


  1. aspartic acid an amino acid formed by transamination, in which the amino group of dlutamic acid is transferred to oxaloacetic acid
  2. Yeast contains oxaloacetic acid which is metabolized by gonococci to produce sufficient CO2 for growth of capnophilic gonococci.
  3. The malate is created by malic enzyme ) or oxaloacetic acid, both of which can enter the citric acid cycle.
  4. Fumarate is an intermediate of TCA cycle and enters the mitochondria by converting into malate and utilising the malate shuttle where it is converted into Oxaloacetic acid ( OAA ).
  5. The enol forms of oxaloacetic acid are particularly stable, so much so that the two tautomer have different melting points ( 152 �C for the " cis " isoform and 184 �C for the " trans " isoform ).

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