orgasmically meaning

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or orgasˈtically adverb


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  1. They speak periodically of the cruelty of human fate, occasionally groan orgasmically and, toward the play's end, waltz merrily through a field of corpses.
  2. The " hipsters " African Americans to create meaning in their life through " orgasmically " surrendering to their primal urges and rejecting conformity as African Americans have historically.
  3. He rolls his eyes orgasmically as he turns away from Lady Chung while repeatedly lying to her; his objective is to win her heart by making himself a lost soul in desperate need of reclamation.
  4. Wacky wedding : " Our food is orgasmically grown and we use only the finest ingredientses, " exults Vinnie Black, the genial, if ungrammatical, host at Tony n'Tina's Wedding, which is entertaining audiences in the Terrace Room of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel Wednesdays through Sundays . While comedy weddings are nothing new, this one has a unique feature : In addition to the reception, where guests dine and dance with the wedding party, the audience attends the ceremony itself in nearby Arlington Street Church.

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