ordinance meaning

Pronunciation:   "ordinance" in a sentence
Noun: ordinance  ord(u)nuns
  1. An authoritative rule
    - regulation 
  2. A statute enacted by a city government 
  3. The act of ordaining; the act of conferring (or receiving) holy orders
    - ordination

Sounds like: ordnance

Derived forms: ordinances

See also: ordain

Type of: appointment, assignment, designation, legislative act, naming, prescript, rule, statute

Part of: holy order

Encyclopedia: Ordinance


A law or rule adopted by a local governmental authority.

AmE / noun [C,U]

(Law )

an order or a rule made by a government or by sb in a position of authority:

The city council passed an ordinance that bans shops from selling aerosol paints to children.

n. One of the forms taken by legislation under the royal prerogative, normally legislation relating to UK dependencies.


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  1. it was plain that the ordinance could never be revived.
  2. the french foreign legion was founded by a royal ordinance.
  3. the ordinance of 1785 provided the first land grants for educational purposes.
  4. these points of view, however, had not been generally accepted in building ordinances.
  5. the royal ordinance decreed that there should be a legion formed of foreigners for service outside france.

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