orderliness meaning

Pronunciation:   "orderliness" in a sentence
Noun: orderliness  ordurleenus
  1. The quality of appreciating method and system
    - methodicalness 
  2. A condition of regular or proper arrangement
    - order

Derived forms: orderlinesses

See also: orderly

Type of: condition, regularity, status

Antonym: disorderliness


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  1. there was a pleasing grace in the orderliness of their lives.
  2. there was also a kind of insane and endearing orderliness about sebastian's choice, in his extremity, of an open window.
  3. office article b-orderliness series " big easy
  4. on the elementary orderliness in the construction of judicial morality
  5. plan and organize the production areas for maximum productivity and orderliness

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