orderer meaning

Pronunciation:   "orderer" in a sentence
Noun: orderer
  1. Someone who places an order to buy 
  2. An organizer who puts things in order
    "Aristotle was a great orderer of ideas"
    - systematizer, systematiser [Brit], systemizer, systemiser [Brit], systematist

Derived forms: orderers

See also: order

Type of: arranger, buyer, emptor, organiser [Brit], organizer, purchaser, vendee


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  1. what am i, 1 2 ? .-uh, i'm an expert orderer
  2. -what am i, 1 2 ? .-uh, i'm an expert orderer
  3. I have 40 customers right now who are consistent orderers.
  4. Orderers must have things in their lives organized in a detailed and exact fashion.
  5. He was also making bespoke furniture for orderers.

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