ordered departure meaning

A procedure by which the number of US Government personnel, their dependents, or both are reduced at a foreign service post.
Departure is directed by the Department of State (initiated by the chief of mission or the Secretary of State) to designated safe havens with implementation of the combatant commander noncombatant evacuation operations plan.
(JP 3-68)


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  1. No specific reason was given by State Department spokesman Philip Reeker for the ordered departure.
  2. He returned just as the water level fell below optimum, and immediately ordered departure.
  3. After Landy's court-ordered departure, Wilson returned to the studio and embarked on multiple projects.
  4. Private U . S . citizens, numbering up to 10, 000, were told of the ordered departure to encourage them to leave.
  5. ALBRIGHT : We have temporarily closed our embassies and done some ordered departures in Kuwait and in Israel because we are concerned about general threats and the heightened situation.

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