orbed meaning

  "orbed" in a sentence
  • adjective
    1. In the form of an orb
    2. Circular


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  1. perha you can recall a time when everything just " clicked, " and you were totally a orbed in the climbing
  2. The dome is high, and supports a lantern with a smaller dome capped with a gold-leafed orbed finial.
  3. While Protestantism maintained a full-orbed or holistically religious view of life as distinguished from an ecclesiasticism, the later secular Enlightenment sought to rid society of religion entirely.
  4. Full-orbed patripassianism denies Trinitarian distinctions, yet it does not contradict Christianity as defined in the Creeds to say that God feels or experiences things, including nonphysical forms of suffering.
  5. From the writings of Katherine Bushnell, I knew that there might be other ways to translate and to interpret this Bible verse that had obstructed so many women from a full-orbed ministry.

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