orb meaning

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  • Noun: orb  orb
    1. The ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye
      - eyeball 
    2. An object with a spherical shape
      - ball, globe
    Verb: orb  orb
    1. Move in an orbit
      - orbit, revolve

    Derived forms: orbs, orbing, orbed

    Type of: capsule, circle, circulate, sphere

    Part of: eye, oculus, optic

    Encyclopedia: Orb

  • [Architecture]

    A plain circular boss, as a decorative accent where two or more ribs (of a vault) cross.


    The medieval name for the tracery of blank windows or stone panels.

  • [Computer]
    <programming> (ORB) Part of the OMG CORBA specification, an ORB's basic function is to pass method invocation requests to the correct objects and return the results to the caller.

    To achieve this the ORB must be able must be able to identify and locate objects, handle connections from invoker and the data returned from methods. Communication between the ORB and applications are achieved through IDL stubs and skeletons whilst the OMG has specified IIOP as the protocol through which ORBs may communicate with each other. Using IIOP, an ORB may request method invocations from a remote object.


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  1. mr. winkle looked up at the declining orb.
  2. it is an emanation from the distant orb of immortal light.
  3. so strange did it seem that those dark wild orbs were ignorant of the day.
  4. and flying across the magnificent orb of a setting sun
  5. tell me where the orb is, and it spares your life

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