optic meaning

[ 'ɔptik ] Pronunciation:   "optic" in a sentence
  • Adjective: optic  óptik
    1. Of or relating to or resembling the eye
      "the optic axis of the eye"
      - ocular, optical, opthalmic 
    2. Relating to or using sight
      - ocular, optical, visual
    Noun: optic  óptik
    1. The organ of sight
      - eye, oculus

    Derived forms: optics

    See also: sight

    Type of: receptor, sense organ, sensory receptor

    Part of: face, human face, visual system

    Encyclopedia: Optic

  • [Medicine]
    1 : any of the elements (as lenses, mirrors, or light guides) of an optical instrument or system —usu. used in pl.
    2 : an optical instrument
    a : of or relating to vision ‹optic phenomena›
    b : dependent chiefly on vision for orientation ‹humans are basically optic animals›
    a : of or relating to the eye : OCULAR
    b : affecting the eye or an optic structure


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  1. after his death optics again languished.
  2. this part of the subject is called physical optics.
  3. the term "spectrogram" is borrowed from optics.
  4. another science pursued by the arabs was optics.
  5. the measurement of intensity may be appropriate in optics.

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