on the wagon meaning

  "on the wagon" in a sentence
[American idiom]
not drinking alcohol; no longer drinking alcohol.
None for me, thanks. I'm on the wagon.
Look at John. I don't think he's on the wagon anymore.

[American slang]
Fig. not drinking alcohol.
  No, I don't care for a cocktail. I'm on the wagon.
  Bob's old drinking buddies complained that he was no fun when he went on the wagon.

[British slang]
on the wagon
Phrs. Teetotal, abstaining from alcohol.


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  1. on the wagon was a nubian lion from the royal zoological gardens.
  2. but i m glad you re on the wagon
  3. sometimes you just can't go with the flow and jump on the wagon
  4. a passenger perchance ride on the wagon prevent a fatal accident
  5. get back on the wagon, moron

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