on the hoof meaning

  "on the hoof" in a sentence
1. (of animals) still alive, esp (of cattle) not yet slaughtered
2. On the move, moving (informal)
  • hoof:    Noun: hoof (hooves ...
  • hoof it:    Verb: hoof itWalk& ...
  • ale-hoof:     noun  ( ...


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  1. the city youngsters were seeing lambs on the hoof for the first time.
  2. many cattle are also sold outside of north carolina . they are driven to virginia and sold on the hoof
  3. INSIDE TRACK : Neat-o ! Technobabble on the hoof.
  4. How the hams on the hoof got here is a mystery.
  5. Cattle were sometimes driven on the hoof as a movable larder.

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