on sale meaning

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  • [American idiom]
    offered for sale at a special low price.
    I wont buy anything that's not on sale.
    I need a new coat, but I want to find a nice one on sale.

  • [American slang]
    available for sale at a reduced price. (Always implies lower than usual sale price.)
      These pots are on sale for $20.
      I bought these pants on sale for half price.
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  1. the goods will be on sale tomorrow.
  2. the new commemorative stamps will be put on sale next week.
  3. they have desks, sofas, bookcases and cabinets on sale.
  4. there are many video machines on sale in the appliance store right next to my house.
  5. general motors had pictures of the mustang two years before the car went on sale.

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