on occasion meaning

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Adverb: on occasion
  1. Now and then or here and there
    "they visit New York on occasion"
    - occasionally, once in a while, now and then, now and again, at times, from time to time

[American idiom]
We go out for dinner on occasion.
I enjoy going to a movie on occasion.

[American slang]
  I like to go to the movies on occasion.
  On occasion, Mary would walk her dog through the park.


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  1. swift had been as plain and as satirical, on occasion.
  2. in fact the adjective is becoming a real necessity on occasion.
  3. but on occasions such as the present mr. plomacy came out strong.
  4. makers of dictionaries are inevitably trapped on occasion into stating apparently eternal truths to which time later gives the lie.
  5. so retrogressive, in fact, was the new court that on occasion it tended to be blindly reactionary in cases involving economic and social policies.

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