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Adjective: on ice
  1. Delayed; postponed
    - on hold 
  2. Performed by ice skaters as an ice show 
  3. (of a drink) kept chilled with ice

[American slang]
1. Lit. stored or preserved on ice or under refrigeration.
  I have a lot of root beer on ice for the picnic.
  All the soft drinks are on ice.
2. Fig. [action on someone or something] suspended or left hanging.
  I was on ice for over a month while the matter was being debated.
  This matter should be on ice for a while.


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  1. they kept the invention on ice for ten years.
  2. the spy was apparently on ice for two to three years before resuming work.
  3. developing the strong will of students in teaching on ice
  4. investigation on ice-shedding induced by wind for iced wires
  5. a study on ice-pressure sensor based on dual fbgs

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