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Adjective: on hand
  1. Readily available
    "there will be a wealth of information on hand from the lawyers"

See also: available

[American slang]
adv. phr. 1a. Nearby; within reach. Always have your dictionary on hand when you study. 1b. Here. Soon school will end and vacation will be on hand. 2. Present. Mr. Blake's secretary is always on hand when he appears in public. 3. In your possession; ready. The Girl Scouts have plenty of cookies on hand. Tim had no cash on hand to pay for the gas.
Compare: IN STORE.

The quantity of an item that is physically available in a storage location and contained in the accountable property book records of an issuing activity.
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  1. we should settle the business on hand first.
  2. all necessary materials should be on hand.
  3. he should be on hand to direct operations personally.
  4. he assured magnus that he would be on hand.
  5. he seemed to expect to be waited on hand and foot.

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