oilstone meaning

Pronunciation:   "oilstone" in a sentence
  • Noun: oilstone  'oyl`stown
    1. A whetstone for use with oil

    Derived forms: oilstones

    Type of: whetstone

    Encyclopedia: Oilstone

  • [Architecture]

    A fine-grained stone used to impart a sharp edge on tools; oil is used to lubricate the rubbing surface.


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  1. As the name implies, oilstones require oil as a lubricant.
  2. Besides the well-known oilstone, waterstones and diamond stones are also available.
  3. Since water is less viscous than oil, the stones cut faster than oilstones.
  4. Oilstones are available as natural stone, aluminum-oxide or silicon-carbide composition stones.
  5. Many woodworkers do not like oilstones.

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