oiler meaning

Pronunciation:   "oiler" in a sentence
Noun: oiler  oylu(r)
  1. A worker who oils engines or machinery 
  2. A well that yields or has yielded oil
    - oil well 
  3. A cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk
    - oil tanker, tanker, tank ship

Sounds like: Euler

Derived forms: oilers

See also: oil

Type of: cargo ship, cargo vessel, well, worker

Encyclopedia: Oiler

(*) A naval or merchant tanker specially equipped and rigged for replenishing other ships at sea.


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  1. the busy oiler nodded his assent.
  2. in the meantime the oiler and the correspondent rowed.
  3. the oiler steered, and the little boat made good way with her new rig.
  4. this plan enabled the oiler and the correspondent to get respite together.
  5. we make them play richmond oiler ball

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