oiled meaning

Pronunciation:   "oiled" in a sentence
Adjective: oiled  oyld
  1. Treated with oil
    "oiled country roads"; "an oiled walnut table"
Verb: oil  oyl
  1. Cover with oil, as if by rubbing
    "oil the wooden surface" 
  2. Administer an oil or ointment to ; often in a religious ceremony of blessing
    - anoint, inunct, anele [archaic], embrocate

See also: oiler

Type of: bless, cover

Antonym: unoiled

Encyclopedia: Oil Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Union

[American slang]
mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated.
• Will this stuff make me really oiled?
• She's not just drunk; she's totally oiled.


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  1. i returned to aunt emily slightly oiled.
  2. the swivel had been oiled to perfection.
  3. she oiled her words in order to sound persuasive.
  4. chasse reported that some species that lived in heavily oiled areas were almost completely wiped out.
  5. oiled paper umbrella have got auctorial signature

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