occlude meaning

[ ɔ'klu:d ] Pronunciation:   "occlude" in a sentence
Verb: occlude  u'klood
  1. Block passage through
    - obstruct, obturate, impede, jam, block, close up

Derived forms: occluding, occludes, occluded

See also: occlusion, occlusive

Type of: hinder, impede

vb oc·clud·ed; oc·clud·ing vt
1 : to close up or block off : OBSTRUCT ‹a thrombus occluding a coronary artery›
2 : to bring (upper and lower teeth) into occlusion
3 : to take in and retain (a substance) in the interior rather than on an external surface : SORB ‹proteins in precipitating may occlude alcohol›
¦ vi
1 : to come into contact with cusps of the opposing teeth fitting together ‹his teeth do not occlude properly›
2 : to become occluded

<programming> (Or "shadow") To make a variable inaccessible by declaring another with the same name within the scope of the first.


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  1. lymphatics are occluded with fibrin.
  2. the tourniquet should occlude venous and lymphatic return.
  3. study of occluded cell corrosion of a3 steel in alkali nacl solution
  4. the weakest convective instability is at the occluded stages of cyclone
  5. this pulmonary thromboembolus is occluding the main pulmonary artery

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