obstructor meaning

Pronunciation:   "obstructor" in a sentence
Noun: obstructor
  1. Someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take
    - obstructionist, obstructer, resister, thwarter 
  2. Any structure that makes progress difficult
    - obstruction, obstructer, impediment, impedimenta

Derived forms: obstructors

See also: obstruct

Type of: construction, controversialist, disputant, eristic, structure

(*) In naval mine warfare, a device laid with the sole object of obstructing or damaging mechanical minesweeping equipment.


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  1. Friends and close collaborators, similarly, were routinely repositioned as talentless obstructors of his work.
  2. Hutchinson also denied that he and Hewitt were obstructors in the park program for Long Island.
  3. We have always been positive even if we have been described as obstructors, " said senior Swiss negotiator Luzius Wasescha.
  4. She was renamed " Obstructor " on 19 January 1945, converted at the Charleston Navy Yard and commissioned on 1 April 1945 with Lt . Sammie Smith, USN in command.

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