nubbly meaning

Pronunciation:   "nubbly" in a sentence
Adjective: nubbly  núblee
  1. Of textiles; having a rough surface
    "a sweater knitted of nubbly homespun yarns"
    - homespun, nubby, slubbed, tweedy

See also: nubble, rough, unsmooth


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  1. experimental analysis on impact crushing of nubbly talcum materials
  2. Slowly, I spread my fingers out, feeling the cool, nubbly rock under my palms.
  3. She's a faithful client and wore a nubbly black and white trench coat to the show.
  4. However, seed stitch is " nubbly ", not nearly as smooth as stockinette / stocking stitch.
  5. Some riders use mountain bikes, but purists ride modified road bikes equipped with nubbly but still narrow tires.

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