notebook meaning

[ 'nəʊtbʊk ] Pronunciation:   "notebook" in a sentence
Noun: notebook  'nowt`bûk
  1. A book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda 
  2. A small compact portable computer
    - notebook computer

Derived forms: notebooks

Type of: book, portable computer, volume

Encyclopedia: Notebook

AmE / (also notebook computer, notebook PC) noun [C]

a very small computer that is easy to carry and use anywhere:

This is simply the most powerful notebook ever produced.


1. <computer> laptop computer.

2. <tool> Labtech Notebook.


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  1. stick down these idioms in your notebook.
  2. use the paper to thicken your notebook.
  3. copy this page in your notebook.
  4. this notebook is newspaper cuttings.
  5. yolles wrote in his notebook.

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