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[American slang]
slang Not agreed to; refused or useless; without success or result; no; certainly not. Used in the predicate or to refuse something. Billy wanted to let Bob join the team, but I said that it was no deal because Bob was too young. "Let me have a dollar." "No dice!" answered Joe. I tried to get Mary on the telephone but it was no go. "Let's go to the beach tomorrow." "No sale, I have my music lesson tomorrow." I asked Dad for a new bicycle but it was no soap.
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  1. you want $ 6, 000 for this used car ? no deal
  2. solana says nuclear talks with iran made progress, no deal
  3. we ain't makin'no deals here, pal
  4. both sides reported progress, but there was no deal
  5. no deal, if that's the ) offer

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